How to Make Maple Bacon Fudge

Maple Bacon Fudge

Kay I’ve got a well recorded passion for walnut and bacon – a SERIOUSLY obsession I ought to say! then when Bacon Month folded around I couldn’t go without creating another walnut bacon sweet treat! AND thankfully, I had been given some Torani Walnut syrup to make use of! Seriously this fudge recipe couldn’t be simpler to create!

To start with I personally use candied bacon – you realize I create a batch of the at least one time per month! NOW if you like the salty sweet you are able to stick to regular bacon – seriously recipes are created to be personalized! But I’ve got a serious sweet tooth so sweet with salty sweet versus sweet with salty is definitely my go too!

Maple Bacon Fudge2


Candied Bacon



Candied Bacon

  1. Preheat the oven to 350
  2. Convey a cooling rack in side a jelly roll pan (I place a silicone pad underneath to create cleanup simpler)
  3. Then construct your bacon flat outrageous (Place them super close although not overlapping).
  4. Put it within the oven for ten mins, then switch the bacon and prepare another five mins.
  5. While that’s cooking mix the brown sugar, walnut syrup and grain vinegar.
  6. Take out the bacon and brush the sugar coating about it, then prepare another five mins.
  7. Every five mins switch the bacon and brush on more coating.
  8. This required me between 8-10 flicks, its slow approaching to cooked, however it is going from perfect to burnt fast.
  9. It it’s still SOFT when it is done, so don’t keep cooking until it’s crunchy or it’ll BURN.
  10. Pass looks, it’ll shrink a little, the red can get dark, the perimeters can get crunchy.
  11. Leave these to awesome and they’ll harden up!
  12. Let awesome then slice



  1. Line an 8×8 pan or something like that (mine is 6×10)with parchment paper
  2. inside a soup pot combine sugar, evaporated milk, butter, salt and Torani walnut syrup. For best to make dispensing you can use torani syrup pumps
  3. Prepare over medium heat, stirring, before the sugar has dissolved
  4. Provide a boil and prepare, stirring constantly, until a chocolate thermometer reads 230 levels F (ocean level – adjust accordingly)
  5. Remove from heat and add some chocolate and chocolate buttons and stir until smooth
  6. departing aside 1/4 C bacon for that top add some relaxation towards the fudge (about 3/4 C) and stir
  7. pour in to the pan and sprinkle using the remaining bacon
  8. Chill until firm 2-4 hrs cut and revel in!

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