How to Make Low Carb Cauliflower Brownies Recipes

Cauliflower Brownies

I made krispy treats with cauliflower!  It’s kooky and outrageous, for me!  Before you call the boys in white-colored jackets to consider me towards the funny farm, hear me out! These reduced carb krispy treats are remarkably scrumptious!  A minimum of this batch was – the very first attempt…not a lot!  Hubs spit it in to the garbage, as did my 4 year old who pronounced them.. Gross.

I must agree , batch one was pretty nasty , sampled like, virtually what you will imagine cauliflower and chocolate might taste like when mixed together!  And also the texture was way off.  And So I thrown them in to the trash making some adjustments – less cauliflower, more coconut flour, more chocolate & a few cinnamon, amongst other things.

Cauliflower Brownies1




  1. Puree the raw cauliflower inside a blender, adding your almond milk and puree together for an additional thirty seconds approximately. Make certain its completely smooth and you will find no portions!
  2. Place the butter, chocolate squares and cream cheese right into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for just one minute. Might be a couple of small portions of chocolate still not melted and that is ok.
  3. Scrape the chocolate mixture in to the blender using the cauli. Puree for around 20 seconds until well mixed. Add some chocolate syrup ( To make dispensing use torani syrup pumps )and eggs and blend well.
  4. Add all the dry components right into a large mixing bowl and stir to mix. Pour the wet components in the blender in to the bowl that contains the dry components (scraping to obtain just as much out as you possibly can) and stir to mix completely. The batter is going to be thick, almost mousse-like.
  5. Grease a 9 x 9 baking pan and spread the batter evenly in it. Bake inside a pre-heated oven at 375 levels (F) for 35 minutes. Remove and awesome before cutting.


Simple Note

Use the highest quality chocolate and cacao powder that exist to find the best results. I made use of Torani sugar-free chocolate flavored syrup but you should use Davinci or other brand as lengthy as it is sugar-free. Within the recipe I demand almond milk since it is easily found, however i used an almond/coconut milk blend which i discovered that is offered by Almond Breeze. If you’re able to think it is, check it out, but when not you should use either almond or coconut milk drinks based in the dairy section – be sure that you look into the carbohydrates (should internet to zero once you take away fiber) and make certain they’re called unsweetened – the initial flavor is sweetened and packed with carbohydrates.

The meal of these is all about 1.5 ” square, since they’re so wealthy and chocolatey you actually have no need for much. However if you simply are earning a minimal carb brownie sundae from them, that we recommend (try my sugar-free mint frozen treats using these), you might like to cut them just a little bigger. This recipe is fairly lower in calories, so you can splurge if you wish to!


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