How to Make Sugar Free Chocolate Bars Recipes


I’d an enjoyable experience with this particular reduced carb sugar-free dessert recipe – actually, I managed to get two times to really make it perfect!

I really like chocolate, walnuts and coconut, but you could utilize any toppings you want!

It was so fast and simple and that i LOVE, obviously, that it’s practically carb and sugar-free!  Each square has under 1 carb and under 1 gram of sugar! In this recipes I use torani syrup for better and awesome taste. Let’s go for it hope you all like it J



Melt butter and chocolate inside a microwavable bowl, stirring every thirty seconds until melted.  Once melted, add vanilla and Torani syrups.  Pour mixture into mold distributing evenly, add add walnuts, sprinkle coconut on the top.  Devote freezer until frozen.  Retain in fridge or freezer until prepared to serve, they are doing start to melt when overlooked.


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